View of Lake Palace on Lake Pichola and the City Palace complex as visible from the Monsoon Palace.

Two women enter the City Palace through a doorway mounted by the Royal Insignia of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mewar.

A guard sits at a window of one of the many private chambers inside the City Palace.

A beautiful swing inside one of the vividly painted private chambers inside the City Palace.

Lights from the Lake Palace and Jag Mandir shimmer in the placid waters of Lake Pichola in the night.

The Jag Mandir island is lit up as evening sets in on Lake Pichola.

A winged fairy from one of the many Rolls Royce in the Vintage Car Museum.

Idols of Hindu deities being sold as tourist souvenirs along with Rajasthani miniature paintings on the streets of old Udaipur.

Old postcards make an interesting innovative surface for Rajasthani minature artists. Such smaller artwork is sold as a cheaper alternative for original miniatures.

A Hindu sadhu does some soul-searching on the steps of the Jagdeesh Temple.

A woman applies sindoor on her forehead looking at a mirror inside the Jagdeesh Temple.

Flower vendors sell garlands outside the Jagdeesh Temple.

A mason chisels away on a block of stone carving out a Ganesha to be sold to tourists.

An old lady sits at an wooden arched window in the old city.

Extremely popular with foreign tourists, a bagmaker sells camel leather bags and belts in the old city.

Married women carry idols of Shiva and Parvati through the streets of Udaipur during the occasion of Gangaur.

A married Rajput lady wearing all her finery during the celebration of Gangaur festival.

An artist gives a demonstration of a traditional fire dance at Dharohar in Bagore ki Haveli.

A young girl gets a handful of henna done from a foreign lady on the steps of the Gangaur Ghat.