Bon Appétit

A family sits down for lunch in the ruins of Mandu. The slippers are kept outside the eating circle giving it a temporary sense of sanctity like it would have been inside the home.

Village women gather with their daily consignment of fresh apples from the fields around Ladakh in Leh Market.

A Garo girl chops up chicken at Bada Bazaar, the largest market in Shillong, Meghalaya.

Two Mishmi men smoke opium around a fireplace at Hawai, Arunachal Pradesh.

Khampti women cook rice inside Bamboo at Namsai, Arunachal pradesh.

A Konyak girl pounds maize using a traditional mortar and pestle in Mon, Nagaland.

At the weekly market in Mandu village, a boy sells the weird looking local tamarind which grows only in the Malwa plateau.

A young muslim girl works in sorting Cashew nut at a factory in Phulbari, Meghalaya.

A man balances a stockpile of eggs on his motorcycle in Badami, Karnataka.

A Nepali woman prepares roti in a traditional Nepali kitchen in Sikkim.

What is an evening on an Indian beach without a mouthful of roasted maize, being sold here on a mobile stall on the Elliot Beach, Madras.

A Mishmi woman bargains for a basket of oranges in Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh.

Women harvest ginger from Jhoom fields in Longleng, Nagaland.

Ah, the omnipresent dose of energy sold everywhere on India's streets, Chai! This secular vendor is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Mishing woman gang up with large baskets to trap fish and snails in the waterways of Assam.

An Ao Naga lady prepares tea in a traditional Naga Kitchen in Mopungchuket, Mokukchung district, Nagaland.

A female macaque tucks into a freshly stolen cucumber in Badami, Karnataka.

The main source of meat in the North East is pork and pigs are reared in almost every rural household. This pig is being roasted at Nartiang, Meghalaya.

Frogs are a local delicacy in certain parts in the North East, and can be seen sold in Dimapur, Nagaland.

The most crucial ingredient of any food, Salt is found abundantly in the great salt plains of the Rann of Kutchh, Gujarat. The bridge cuts across to the Indus Valley site of Dholavira.

A Nepali man sells the local chili, known popularly as Fireball, due to their extreme pungency, at Gangtok, Sikkim.

A cotton candy vendor alerts potential customers by ringing his bell on the Promenade in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.

Two old ladies sell areca nuts in a market in Shillong. Chewing Paan with areca nuts is intrinsic to North East culture.

The Temple elephant Laxmi, gets a helping hand from the keeper or Mahout, as she tucks into her evening bananas at the Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, Karnataka.


Ah Food! Think of India, and you think of food. Bon Appétit is a collage of quirky food and eating environments collected from around India.